Headley Court West Site

Angle Property is pleased to announce Millgate Homes as their development partner for the Headley Court West Site.


Angle Property is now working with Millgate Homes to bring forward a high-quality Reserved Matters planning application relating to the detailed design and layout for 70 homes on the Headley Court West Site. These proposals are in line with the masterplan for the entirety of the Headley Court site and consistent with the Outline Permission granted by MVDC in 2020. It is envisaged a Reserved Matters planning application will be submitted in March 2021.




The proposals are for the approved 70 homes (62 units for open market sale and eight affordable homes). As envisaged at Outline permission, the plans are for a low-density development comprising of homes suitable for families. The Outline Permission was originally to provide six affordable homes, however, eight affordable homes can now be provided. 


The Reserved Matters proposals are consistent with the Outline permission, for example, utilising the approved access arrangements and working within the approved Development Zone.


In terms of car parking, 202 parking spaces will be delivered as part of the plans which will include 181 private spaces (including 31 car ports and 30 garages) and an additional 21 visitor spaces. Bicycle parking as well as electric charging points will also be provided. 


The Reserved Matters planning application seeks approval for detailed matters relating to the appearance, layout, scale and landscaping of the development. 


The proposed layout is very similar to what was represented at the Outline stage including the level of development proposed. The homes are well spaced out and the development respects the root protection areas of trees and the 15m buffer to the Ancient Woodland. Houses have also been re-orientated to overlook roads and public open space enabling passive surveillance. 


All of the proposed homes will be two-storey. Roof forms, proportions, window and door openings and materials have been designed to reflect local characteristics. Use of local materials, such as a combination of brick, flint and tiles, integrates the scheme into the community and different details have been chosen to create character. 


The scheme delivers the following benefits: 


  • 70 high-quality new homes in keeping with the semi-rural location; 

  • 8 new affordable homes;

  • Redevelopment of a major previously 

       developed site; 

  • 2.4ha of Public Open Space (currently private) including a formal play area; 

  • Improvements to surrounding roads, walkways and bridleways; 

  • Enhancement and extension of the public transport network; 

  • Retention of significant trees as well as extensive additional new planting. The proposals preserve and upgrade hedgerows; 

  • Reinstatement of the Ancient Woodland Buffer Zone and other environmental and biodiversity improvements. 



Proposed planning layout


Example street scene